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Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide - The name Indonesia has been derived from two Greek words "Indos" and "Nesos", meaning Islands near India. It is the largest archipelago in the world with a total of 17,508 islands, of which about 6000 are inhabited. The islands are inhabited by many tribes with diverse culture and languages. Five main islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes are home to the majority of the population. The main islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

Tourism in Indonesia

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Imagine walking along the blue-green water for hours. Amidst purest form of nature, under the vast blue sky where you unknowingly get close to nature and letting you go. This is one of the experiences one can experience while strolling along the sandy beaches of the fourth longest coastline in the world. Indonesia has 17,000 islands between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The rich diversity accounting the historical architects, music, traditions, rituals which change its colors and flavors from region to region and island to island, seems entranced. The warmth of Indonesians and the grace with which they welcome you makes you wanted and comfortable. The moderate climate, fertile land as a result of volcanic eruptions has made this an ideal habitat for extensive and endemic flora and fauna.

Eat, shop, pray, dive, walk and explore, Indonesia has all if you are looking for them with an amazing energy and contentment. Indonesia unfolds the most diverse landscape because of its setting and geographical location.

There are honeymoon destinations too, like Ambon, Maluku, Bangka Island, Kerobokan, Jimbaran & Denpasar. Other arresting destinations are Palembang (art, royal residence and culture), Bintan Island & Surabaya (beaches and golf), Kuta, Malang, Badam & Padang (beaches, surfing, shopping, nightlife and waterparks), Medan, Tanjung Putting, Balikpapan & Lake Toba (orangutans, lakes, shopping, temple and waterfalls) and Komodo & Flores (Komodo dragons and coral reef diving sites). Bogor is a city with 1817 gardens and Dutch palace, Manado, Makassar, Karimun Java (scuba diving, snorkeling nightlife and beaches), Surakarta (batik markets), Cirebon & Semarang (seafood, nightlife, history, churches and architecture) are worth visiting. The Batik patterns of Cirebon and Pekalongan witnesses the Chinese influence. Indonesia still has many unexplored islands with a splendid landscape, green rainforests apt for trekking, swirling waves to surf and pristine deep blue seas to dive in where you swim with dugongs, dolphins and float with fishes, foliage and underwater sea plant. Feel like a mermaid. There are memories and moments which you bring back home infused with lots of energy.