Indonesia Holiday Calendar 2021 presents a list of Public holidays to be observed in the country. Have a glance at Public Holidays in Indonesia 2021 with dates and months.

Public Holidays in Indonesia 2021

Indonesia Public Holidays 2021 - The people of Indonesia celebrate various religious festivals and holidays throughout the year. Government of Indonesia announced list of Public holidays in to be observed in year 2021. Total number of 15 national holidays and four Cuti Bersama holidays has been set out for everyone. Eid ul fitri enjoys the longest break (six day) among all the Public holidays in the nation. Explore list of national and public holidays in Indonesia with dates and month for year 2021.

“Cuti bersama” means “taking leave together”. These are extended vacation / holiday for government offices, nevertheless, recently most companies have chosen to close their offices during “cuti bersama” days as well. Please note that banks may close too during the cuti bersama holidays.