Explore major destinations, islands, coastline and tropical forest in Southeast Asia. Get to know more on culture, religions and countries in South East Asia.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia forms an important part of Asia. Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia includes countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and so on. These countries are located south of China, east of India and north of Australia. Southeast Asia consists of beaches, islands, mountains and waterfalls. Various religions and traditions are found here living together. Southeast Asia is further divided into regions namely Indochina and islands or archipelagoes. The main consists of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia. The maritime Southeast Asia region consists of islands located between India and Australia. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India), Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Singapore are these countries.

Religions in Southeast Asia:
Major religions are Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and several other religions. Holidays and festivals are celebrated throughout the year by the people of this region. Famous holidays celebrated in Southeast Asia are Eid Ul Fitr, Christmas, New Year, Mothers Day and Diwali.

Islands in South East Asia:
This part of Asia is also home to largest number of islands in the world. This island forms an important part of tourism industry in Asia as they offer plenty of beautiful sights to explore for tourists worldwide. Weather and climate remains very good in most of the seasons throughout these islands. The wonderful island of Bali is one such destination in Indonesia which offers plenty of tourist activities and sights to explore.

Location of Southeast Asia:
Southeast Asia is exactly located between east of China and north of Australia.

List of Southeast Asian countries: