Bali and Singapore are well connected destinations with airlines providing regular flights on daily basis. Find out How to reach Bali from Singapore.

Singapore to Bali

Singapore to Bali Flights

Singapore to Bali - Singapore and Bali are very well connected places in Southeast Asia. Both these destinations have regular flights on daily basis and other means of transport are also available, but airlines are considered to be the best medium. A flight to Bali from Singapore takes only 2 to 3 hours. You can reach Bali from Singapore very cheaply by taking an Airline ticket starting from USD 120. As far as accommodations, many already have a hotel room reserved when they arrive but if you don’t, no worries since there are plenty of hotels in Bali to choose from. There were ferry services available in the past but they are now not considered a safe medium. But if you want to explore Islands near Singapore like Bintan and Batam, then Ferries are the best options to choose from. Bali is located at a distance of 1000 km (approx) from Singapore.

Singapore to Bali Cheap Flights
There are very cheap flights available from Singapore Airport to Bali in Indonesia. You can choose from a variety of Airlines available for this Airline route. You can choose either the economy class or the Business class depending on your budget or requirements.

Singapore to Bali Cruise
There are various cruise services which is also available from Singapore to Bali. Star Cruise in Singapore is one such cruise line operating from Singapore to Bali.