Java is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia. Java Travel Guide featuring information on weather, attractions and how to reach.

Java Islands, Indonesia

Mount Bromo Java Indonesia

Java Island Travel & Tourism - Java is the most populous and the most developed island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is politically divided into the provinces of West Java, East Java and Central Java. The capital city of Jakarta is also located on this island. Java is an epitome of rapidly changing society: beautiful countryside and filthy cities; tranquil rural scenes and streets congested with traffic.

Weather and Climate of Java Island
The temperature in Java doesn't vary much, ranging from a minimum of 23° C to a maximum 31° C. The rainy season is from April to October and the dry season is from May to September. Humidity is high throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Java Island
Dry season is also the best time to visit Java because weather is clear, roads in the interiors are open, and temperatures are at their best.

Tourist Attractions/Places to See in Java Indonesia
Bandung: Also known as the city of flowers and Paris of Java, it is the provincial capital of West Java and the third largest city of Indonesia. Bandung is located at a distance of 175 km from Jakarta and provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. The majority of the population is the native Sundanese from West Java, who are famous for their extroverted, easy-going nature and are reputed as zealous guardians of their ancient culture.

Borobudur: One of the greatest Buddhist monuments in Southeast Asia, Borobudur was built in the 8th century and stands on top of a hill surrounded by volcanoes and overlooking green fields. … more

Prambanan Temple Complex: Rivalling the Buddhist monument of Borobudur, this magnificent Hindu temple is the largest in Java and the most beautiful in Indonesia. Prambanan was built in the 9th century, possibly to compete with the splendour of Borobudur, or to celebrate the return to power of the Hindu dynasty in Java at the time. From May to October the Ramayana Ballet, a traditional Indonesian dance based on the Ramayana story, is performed on an open-air stage at the complex during the full moon and is a spectacular sight involving hundreds of dancers, singers and musicians.

Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta is one of the most attractive and ancient historical cities in Java. Because of its proximity to Borobudur and Pramban Temple Complex, it is a major stop on the tourist route. …more

Sangiran: Located in Central Java, Sangiran is an important archaeological excavation site, where some of the best examples of fossil skulls of prehistoric 'Java Man' were unearthed by a Dutch professor in 1936.

National Museum: Located in Central Jakarta, and built in 1862, National Museum is the best museum in Indonesia and one of the finest in Southeast Asia. It has an enormous collection of cultural objects of the various ethnic groups - costumes, musical instruments, model houses et al. - and numerous fine bronzes from the Hindu-Javanese period.

Shopping in Java
Yogyakarta is the best place for shopping in Java. You can buy an incredible variety of souvenirs, arts and crafts, woodcarvings batik cloths and garments, hand-woven fabrics, traditional and local jewellery, leather puppets, basketry, tortoise-shell accessories, trinkets, brassware and other decorative items, and all kinds of antiques. Shopping in Bandung is also full of fun. As the city is capital of Western Java, you can look for traditional as well as imported goods in the market.

How to Reach Java Island
Jakarta is Indonesia's busiest international airport and is the hub of the domestic air network. Bandung also has an airport and is connected to Jakarta and other places in Indonesia. Indonesia has one of the most extensive ferry and passenger ship networks in the world, with regular boats running between all the main inhabited islands. A ferry shuttles between Ketapang in eastern Java and the west-Balinese port of Gilimanuk. There are numerous ships and ferries between Java and various ports in Sumatra. Regular ships also ply between Jakarta and Singapore via the Indonesian island of Tanjung Pinang.