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This section offers information on weather, climate and climatic conditions of Bali, Indonesia. Know more on weather and climate in Bali.
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Bali Weather & Climate

Weather in Bali, IndonesiaWeather in Bali Indonesia - Due to its location near the equator, Bali experiences tropical weather conditions throughout the year. Climate of Bali can broadly be categorized into two seasons - the dry season between May to September, and wet season from October to April. However one can visit Bali throughout the year, but it is advisable to visit this beautiful island in June to September. During this season weather remains quite pleasant all through the day. The climate conditions in Bali are ideal for various beach activities during this time of the year.

The average temperature in Bali remains around 31° C all throughout the year. Humidity is very high during the wet season in Bali. The wet season starting from December to March produces heavy rains throughout the day, therefore it is not recommended to travel Bali during the wet season. Dry season is the best time to visit Bali in Indonesia. The weather remains pleasant during these months and cool breeze prevails throughout the day. Find more information and weather forecast of Bali, Indonesia below:

Bali Weather Forecast

Month Min °C Max °C Average
Season Best Time
January 26 32 300mm 85% wet Wet Season
February 26 32 280mm 75% wet Wet Season
March 25 32 215mm 70% wet Wet Season
April 25 33 100mm 65% dry
May 25 32 85mm 60% dry
June 23 31 75mm 60% dry Best Season
July 23 31 55mm 60% dry Best Season
August 23 31 40mm 60% dry Best Season
September 24 32 90mm 65% dry Best Season
October 25 33 100mm 75% wet
November 26 32 150mm 80% wet
December 26 32 295mm 85% wet Wet Season

Best Season Best Season to visit Bali.
Wet Season Overcast throughout the day with rains at regular intervals.
Very humid all through the day with less rain.
Clear Blue skies most of the season with early morning showers.

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