Weather in Indonesia remains pleasent throughout the year. Check out the best time to visit Indonesia in this article.

Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Best Time to Visit Indonesia - Indonesia experience moderate climate conditions all throughout the year. There are mainly two seasons in Indonesia - wet and dry - weather conditions may vary from one place in Indonesia to the other. So it is advisable to visit Indonesia depending on the season and reason. Best time to visit Indonesia is during dry season between April and October. The humidity is relatively less and weather is pleasant at this time of the year. Though travel in the wet season is possible in most parts of Indonesia, it can be a deterrent to some activities.

Main tourist seasons in Indonesia are end of Ramadan, Christmas and mid-June to mid-July, there is large number of tourist visiting destinations such as Java, Bali, Sumatra and Sulawesi during this periods. Tourist is also advised not to visit the country during Eid-ul-fitr as it is regarded as on the major holidays in the country. So traveling to Indonesia in dry season is considered best for the tourist.

Best time to travel Indonesia

The season between April to October is the best time to visit Indonesia. Climate conditions remain pleasent during this time of the year in majority of islands across Indonesia.