Explore tourism and travel in Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city.

Surabaya Tourism

Surabaya Tourism

Surabaya Tourism - The second-largest city in Indonesia and the local capital of East Java region, Surabaya, is widelyacclaimed as the "Heroic City" owing to its role during the nation's freedom struggle. Situated at the mouth of the Brantas River, the city also serves as the primary navy base of Indonesia.

Derived from the terms 'suro' (shark) and 'boyo' (crocodile) in Javanese, 'Surabaya'implies courage to face the coming danger that threatens. The city has a fair share of its history and an era of colonial grace that can be treasured in diverse areas.

Over the years, it has developed into a chic city that today serves as a refined commercial hub, too. With crowded highways and skyscrapers soaring high blended with old colonial buildings bordering tree-lined boulevards and age-old traditions of Surabaya's many inhabitants, this metropolitan city is a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.

Due to its close proximity to the equator, Surabaya experiences tropical climate all year round. This implies that with temperatures keeping at a comfortable level throughout the year, you can enjoy several activities and extreme weather won't slow you down!

With pensive little corners of interest, Surabaya is a city best to be explored on foot. Visit the Arab Quarters for their fascinating shops and narrow alleywaysevocative of the Middle Eastern feel; or simply take a walk through Indonesia's biggest Chinatown and explore more than a century old temples - historic and military monuments galore at Surabaya. An imposing monument stands tall at the Hero's Museum to pay homage to the national freedom fighters and to convey humble pride. Visit the Ampel Mosque to get enticed by the architecture and history of this religious site.

You cannot afford to miss out on the House of Sampoerna, a museum that houses local exhibits on Surabaya, as well as the operational cigarette production factory. Watching workers hand-rolling kretek (cigarettes) is the main attraction here.

A trip to Surabaya Zoo, supposedly the oldest and biggest in Southeast Asia, is an important part of Surabaya tourism. Besides more typical species, this well-laid-out zoo has an exceptionally maintained aquarium and aviary, along with a decent collection of nocturnal animals.

In addition to the historical and cultural sites within the city, one will also come across dozens of mall and plazas dotting the crumbling town. Shopping in Surabaya is limited to the glitzy malls and traditional local markets where one can shop primarily for designer handbags, batik (wax print) sarongs, Indonesian textiles, or bamboo handicrafts amongst others. Travel to Surabaya to gorge into the variety of cuisines ranging from oriental toMiddle East, and European to traditional food of Indonesia.

The city deserves more than a just a layover; Surabaya travel guide will help you plan your vacation effortlessly. A city with an interesting knack of being very traditional and at the same time very modern, Surabaya is indisputablygorgeous and a must visit for an avid traveler!