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Latest Bali Travel News - Bali being a popular tourist spot is visited by travelers from far and wide. There are some finest temples and beaches in Bali that will make your visit a memorable one. In fact tourism is one of the main industries in Bali Indonesia. There are many renewed international events taking place in Bali every year. Cultural fairs and events form an important part of Bali Island. There are Yoga, music and various other events happening in Bali every month. Bali has become one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It's a hot place for foreign tourists coming from England, United States, Australia and other parts of the world.

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17th G20 summit to be held in Bali on November 15-16, 2022
Bali will be the host to 17th G20 summit which will be held on November 15-16. This year Bali summit is very significant for Indonesia and India as Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia, will formally hand over G20 Presidency to Mr Modi for next year's meeting. In this historic summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Britain, and Emmanuel Macron, the French President. Bali, the hub of Indonesia’s tourism destination welcomes all leaders, and delegates to this majestic place.

Bali Travel Update (As of 31 October 2022)
Keeping in mind Covid Related protocol and tourist safety, The Indonesian Government has eased travel restrictions for domestic and International Travellers. Now, you can enjoy same holiday experience in Bali and other scenic destinations in Indonesia with quarantine-free holiday. We will be updating more travel advisory for tourists who would like to visit Indonesia with visa on arrival!

Bali Earthquake Threat
On 2 August, An earthquake struck the Island of Sumatra causing fears among residents and tourist. Holiday makers in Banten coast, Java Island were immediately evacuated to higher grounds. Tourist in Bali Island was caught in two minds whether to stay or leave the holiday island. Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and tsunami, so it is advisable for tourist to closely monitor advisory issued by local authorities in Bali and other islands and stay updated.

Jakarta hit by a massive 8-hour power outrage
Java Island were on Sunday (4 August, 2019) were hit by a massive power breakdown that witnessed blackout of cellphone services and cash machines. Jakarta’s lifeline, new mass subway system was also hit and all passengers who were struck were safely evacuated. Problem with a gas turbine at a major power plant seems to be reason behind this massive power breakdown as described a state electricity executive.

Tsunami in Indonesia kills at least 222 without warning (December 23, 2018)
In a fresh tragedy that struck coastline of Indonesia, At least 222 people were killed when tsunami hit the coastline of west Java and Sumatra Islands. There was no warning before waves struck the Pandeglang district in Indonesia. According to Government sources, 843 people have been injured. An underwater landslide caused by eruption of Krakatoa volcano in the Sunda Strait is seems to be the main reason that triggered this tsunami. It’s further destroyed 558 houses and damaged nine hotels, 60 restaurants and 350 boats.

Indonesia Tsunami Toll Climbs Above 800
On Friday, Palu had twin natural disasters - a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that unleashed an 18-foot wave - turned parts of Palu and the surrounding strip of coastline into a graveyard. While search and rescue efforts in Palu are in full swing looking for survivors in the rubble of two hotels and mall in the city of Palu in Sulawesi Island. Authorities fear that death toll will rise as rescue team reaches more remote areas in the city.

Australian tourists have been warned to avoid Bali nightclubs and beach parties
An advisory has been issued by Australian Government for tourists traveling to Indonesia especially to Bali to stay away from beach parties. The statement issued urged Australians to take the terror threat seriously, and avoid congregating in large groups.

Garuda Airlines to start direct flights from India to Indonesia
Come December and traveling to Indonesia will be hassle free for Indians. The Indonesian Garuda Airlines is planning to start direct flights between India and Indonesia. The airlines are planning to start this new service somewhere in the middle of December 2011. Currently, the passengers traveling to Indonesia from India and vice-versa reach via Singapore and Malaysia as there is no direct airline operating between the two countries.

Hundreds of tourists stranded by another Bali ash cloud
Due to eruption of volcanic ash from Mount Rinjani, many flights bound to Australia from Denpasar Airport were cancelled. Also flights between New Zealand and Bali were also affected according to Jetstar Newzealand’s website. Hundred of tourists bound to Australia are stranded in Bali due to this volcanic ash which first started on Nov 8 (Sunday). Jetstar and Virgin Australia are two main airlines who have cancelled numerous flights due to this volcanic ash near Bali airport. Both airlines are updating people about current weather conditions in and around Bali.